Ceramic Mug

Let's Get Things Moving Mug

$ 14.95

Amenta’s Let’s Get Things Moving mug is perfect for a hot cup of morning coffee, ginger tea, or hot lemon water. This 11-ounce ceramic mug features colorful & playful digestion characters with Let’s Get Thing Moving on one side and the Amenta Nutrition logo & #poopgoals on the opposite side. It’ll be your daily reminder to take a moment to smile, enjoy a warm beverage, and stimulate those colonic muscles!


11-ounce ceramic mug


Bright & playful


Dishwasher safe


For a healthy & happy gut

Warm, cozy, & kitschy!

Amenta’s Let’s Get Things Moving mug will quickly become your favorite for all your hot beverages. Use it for your morning coffee or with ginger tea to stimulate your digestion and get things moving! #poopgoals

  • White ceramic mug with design
  • 11 oz
  • C-handle
  • Dishwasher safe
let's get things moving white mug on wooden table with green background

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