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Our purpose

To help people with digestive disorders get their symptoms under control through personalized nutrition care and lifestyle counseling so they can start living freely again.


Learning to accept that there is no good or bad, but when and how often.


We believe that when people are given the right tools and support they can thrive and feel their best.


You deserve to be recognized as an individual and be cared for with compassion and thoughtfulness.


No matter how you're feeling today, you have the possibility to change and feel better.


Everyone should feel comfortable and well in their own bodies so they can thrive and have the confidence to be their best selves.


Meet the team

portrait of Christine Randazzo Kirschner

Christine Randazzo Kirschner

Who am I

Hi - I’m Christine and I am a GI-expert Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, the Co-Founder of Amenta Nutrition, and I LOVE food. I provide evidence-based nutrition counseling to both individuals and companies and I thrive on clarifying nutrition misinformation.

Why I decided to become a Registered Dietitian

The reason why I changed my career is based on my own personal experience. I had belly distress. As someone who has suffered from belly discomfort, changed her diet and alleviated her symptoms, I understand the power that food can have on one's well being and quality of life.

This experience encouraged me to attend graduate school at Hunter College where I received my Masters of Science in Nutrition.

My extensive training

I have since engaged in extensive training in gastrointestinal nutrition and attended many digestive disease conferences so that I have all the tools necessary to help clients rid themselves of belly (and intestinal) distress. I am a committee member of the Dietitians in Gut-Brain Disorders Workgroup and a Monash University low- FODMAP diet trained dietitian. I also have a Certificate of Training in Obesity for Adults.

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“Nutrients from foods are the sources of an individual’s energy and are responsible for that individual’s growth, health, and good condition. “

April Panitz

Who am I

Hello, I’m April, and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and New York Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist. As co-founder of Amenta Nutrition, I provide medical nutrition therapy for conditions such as IBS, constipation, SIBO, and other digestive disorders as well as general nutritional counseling.

From being a model to Registered Dietitian

I did not take the traditional path to become a dietitian. As a model since the age of 14, I lived in several countries, and have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in fashion.

It resulted in my having a negative relationship with food. I would barely eat or try the latest fad diets to try and achieve what I believed was my idea of perfection.

My relationship with food

My relationship with food began to heal when I worked as an assistant to a chef. I realized that food was nourishment for the body and became a certified health coach. I quickly recognized that I didn't have the scientific knowledge nor the counseling background to have the greatest possible impact on others. I enrolled in Hunter College and received my Bachelors and Masters of Science in Nutrition. I have continued my education through various trainings and GI conferences. I am a Monash University low-FODMAP trained dietitian and also hold a Certificate of Training in Obesity for Adults.

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“I believe in using science-based information to create an individualized plan that will empower my patients and allow them to reach their goals.“
portrait of April Panitz

Our Approach



Nutrition does not have to be difficult or confusing. We will show you how.

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A plan does not have to be expensive or time-consuming

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Our recommendations will take into account your individual needs and personal health goals.

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We are trained to interpret the latest research in order to offer you the most up-to-date recommendation so you don’t have to!

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When it comes to health and nutrition, we all have a different story to tell. It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from or what you want to achieve - We are here to listen and support you on that journey.

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Digestive Health

Improve your digestive health through Nutrition Counseling

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General Nutrition

Boost your energy through General Nutrition

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Consulting Services

Nutrition-related speaking engagements & workshops


Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Monash University-trained in low-FODMAP diet

CDR Certificate of Training in Obesity for Pediatrics and Adults

Committee Member of the Disorders of the Gut Brain Interaction Workgroup (currently collaborating with the American Gastroenterology Association (AGA)

Clinical nutrition training in NYC hospitals

Master's of Science in Nutrition, CUNY Hunter College