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Amenta Nutrition is a New York-based nutrition counseling and consulting firm specializing in medical nutrition therapy for Digestive Disorders, Pediatric Nutrition, and Weight Management. We provide evidence-based nutrition counseling to both individuals and companies.

Our goal is to tame your belly discomfort by optimizing your gut health, to help your children thrive, and to provide you with a weight management plan that is safe and sustainable.

Our approach is Easy-to-Follow, Individualized, Evidence-Based, and Judgement-Free.

We believe that nutrition does not have to be difficult or confusing, nor does it have to be expensive or time-consuming. We are trained to interpret the latest research to offer you the most up-to-date recommendations. Additionally, we clarify nutrition misinformation received from a friend, the internet, a personal trainer, health coach, or “nutritionist.” Our guidance will address your individual needs and help you achieve your personal health goals and feel your best.  

We are here to listen and support you on your journey!

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  • We interpret the latest research to offer you the most up-to-date recommendations.
  • We focus on overall eating pattern that is safe, sustainable, & stress-free.
  • We work with you to create a non-diet, whole-foods, balanced nutrition plan that is free of restrictions and deprivations.
  • Our goal is to provide you with the necessary confidence to make positive, important lifestyle changes.
  • We encourage a positive relationship with food - reminding you that food should taste good and be enjoyed!
  • We promote an all-inclusive, safe environment that is  supportive and judgement-free.
  • Our sessions include a comprehensive, whole person approach that considers your personal nutrition goals.

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My daughter is THE PICKIEST eater. She started having a lot of trouble with constipation. Working with Amenta Nutrition has turned things around in my house.  My daughter has NO PROBLEMS with constipation anymore. Dinnertime and breakfast are no longer a struggle or a time I dread.

Alexis D.

Working with Christine was great. I was struggling with a recurrence of idiopathic anaphylaxis early in my pregnancy. Christine helped me put together a varied meal plan and food list that was safe for my condition. I have much more confidence in my food choices now, and have not had a recurrence of my symptoms since working with Christine.

Alexandra H.

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