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September 12, 2023

Our Top Items to Help You in the Bathroom or When You're Not Feeling Well

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Key Takeaways
  • These are items that we've personally vetted and that many of our patients find helpful in the bathroom or when they are experiencing symptoms or in the middle of a flare.
  • Always consult with your healthcare provider before using any supplements.
  • We've provided Amazon Affiliate links to these products - As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases from these links.

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom and dealing with symptoms. These are some of our favorite items that can make things a bit easier and provide comfort when you need it the most.

At Amenta Nutrition, we specialize in gastrointestinal and digestive health. We focus on everything - from what you’re eating and drinking to the symptoms you’re experiencing to what’s happening in the bathroom. Essentially, we talk about food and poop all day long! 

While most people have no problem discussing food, we know that everyone isn’t always comfortable talking about their symptoms or the struggles (and wins!) they’re having in the bathroom. 

That is why we’ve curated this list for you. It contains items we use ourselves and recommend to our patients to help them have a better experience in the bathroom or to provide comfort when they have a bout of symptoms. 

All set in the bathroom, but looking for kitchen items that we recommend? Head to this blog for the items that bring us joy and help make cooking a little bit easier.

We’ve provided Amazon Affiliate links to these products, and it should be noted that as Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases from these links. 

Toilet Stools:

We love a good toilet stool. The ones listed below come in a variety of heights and materials. If you have a toilet that sits high or if you’re tall, you’ll probably want to use a 9-inch stool. For low sitting toilets, we find that a 6-7 inch stool works well. 

Bathroom Extras:

To Help With Symptoms:

Looking for more individualized advice? Book a complimentary consultation. That way, we can hear your story and let you know how we may be able to help you.

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