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August 1, 2022

Kids in the Kitchen: How inviting them to pitch in can help improve their nutrition!

Mom with young son in kitchen stirring food together
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Key Takeaways

It's Kids Eat Right Month™!🍎 👧🏻 🥦

One of the best ways we can ensure that our kids are exposed to a variety of foods and therefore eat a variety of foods is by letting them help in the kitchen.

Having your little ones pitch in is not only fun for them but it also teaches valuable skills and helps to increase autonomy and self-esteem!

When your kids eat a variety of foods, they are:

👍🏼More likely meeting their nutrient needs (more color + variety=more vitamins + minerals!)

👍🏼 More likely to try new foods

👍🏼 Less likely to become a picky eater

Here are some super fun activities for kids:

👧🏻Ages 2-5:

Tear lettuce, pick herbs, stir ingredients, and push cookie cutters

👦🏾Ages 6-7:

Measure ingredients, crack eggs, peel produce, add toppings to pizza and salads

👧🏽Ages 8-9:

Juice lemons and limes, crack and beat eggs, measure ingredients, use a food thermometer, use a hand mixer

🧑🏼🦱Ages 10+:

Slice and chop fruit and vegetables*, use a mixer*, use the oven/stove to make eggs/oatmeal/brown meat* (*under supervision)

👩🏻‍🍳👩‍👦Let's get cooking!

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